Axle Inc. offers superior axles from some of the largest axle manufacturers in the U.S.— including Dexter, Rockwell, and Unique Functional Products.

Leaf Spring Axle

Leaf spring axles are part of the spring suspension system, which helps the wheels on a trailer move freely from the truck body. These axles come in a number of variations, depending on the trailer’s weight and number of axles. Leaf spring axles and suspension provides durability, even wear on tires, and is cost-effective option.

Leaf spring axles come in a number of variations including straight, drop, and drop center. They are available as an idler axle or with brake including. electric, hydraulic, and hydraulic disc. Axles range in capacity from 1,000 to 15,000 lbs. 


Rubber Torflex Axle

Torflex axles, unlike their leaf spring counterparts, are made up of rubber cords that provide suspension and shock absorption. These axles offer a smoother ride and longer-lasting components. They are best used for light duty trailers.

Torflex axles are available in capacities ranging from 600lbs to 12,000lbs and come with your choice of electric, hydraulic, or hydraulic disc brakes.

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