Jacks, Couplers & Actuators

What’s at the the front of your trailers is just as important as what’s under it. The jack and coupler are both a vital piece of your trailer. 

We offer both a-frame style of couplers and the straight style – both available for 2″ or 2 5/16″ balls. Jacks are available a-frame drop through or square-weld on ranging from 600 lbs to 10,000 lbs to serve your trailer needs.

If you have hydraulic brakes, odds are you have a actuator on the front of your trailer, or maybe you are running with the electric/hydraulic controller. At Axle Inc. we offer both options from all the top manufactures, including – UFP, Titan, Dexter and Tie Down 

If you have specific questions about our jacks, couplers or actuators contact the team at Axle Inc.